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Terms & Conditions of Use for the application SMAX: (this is a short excerpt of the T&Cs originally in French. Any translation of the T&Cs and Privacy Policy in a language other than the French language is provided for information purposes only.) To use this Application you have to be at least 17 years old.

1 - The Profiles

A User can check and modify his/her profile. The required information is a username, age, gender and an image of his/her face. Other complimentary and optional areas of their profile can be: 'here for' (love, chat, hot), status (single, in a relationship, open), description, other pictures (face), size and weight. The User can also configure and manage his/her list of favorites by pressing directly on the Favorite button present on the profile page of each user. They can block selected profiles, to avoid receiving messages. They can configure notifications based on the services chosen:
  • - Free: for messages received, Double Smax received, Credits
  • - Paid: Pack Notifications (for example when a favorite connects)
The user may at any time remove the User Account by visiting his/her profile from the application. These data will be erased or made anonymous within a year.

2 - Smax Home Page

The User can view others connected near him/her thanks to the location provided by his/her device. Defining the following fields can specify search criteria. This list is not exhaustive:
  • Looking for: man, woman
  • Who is looking for: man, woman
  • Age: minimum and maximum 
  • Here to: love, chat, hot
  • Online or offline
If the location services are activated, the nearest user will be listed first.

3 - Double Smax

Users can "Smax" or "Next" profiles via the "Smax or Not" page. If a User "Smax" a profile and is "Smaxed" in return, compatibility is displayed with the message "Double Smax". To "Next" a profile means that this profile will not show anymore. Profiles displayed to the User are then sorted according to who Smaxed their profile, who was added to their list of favorites and people who visited their profile.

4 - Private Chats

By pressing the chat button on each profile, the User can communicate privately with everyone. He/she can send content or emoticons. The conversation concerned can also be deleted. The user uses a "credit" when he/she sends a message via chat to initiate further discussion with a new person. One credit is used by new chat. The message may consist of a text, a picture, or of a map with their GPS position. If the person answers, the discussion continues without the use of an extra credit.

5 - Position

All users can be located automatically. To do so, the user will have to activate the location services on his/her smartphone. It is clarified that TELEFUN performs conservation and historical location data only to ensure the functioning of the Application. Also be reminded that TELEFUN will in no way be held responsible for any use that is made of the automatic position data related to mobile phones (including GPS), particularly regarding privacy and personal data that are managed directly by mobile phones providers.

6 - Paid Services

Three types of paid services packs are available to users:
  • Security Pack: PIN to lock the application
  • Notifications Pack: receive a notification when a user on your favorites list connects
  • No Ads Pack: browse the app with no ads
Users can purchase additional credits used when initiating a chat with a new person. The user has the choice between:
  • Buy 60 credits for 1.50€
  • Buy 150 Credits for 3.00 €
The Terms & Conditions of Itunes and the Sales Conditions & Rules of the Google Play program directly regulate the paid services. TELEFUN assumes no responsibility in this matter, which is the subject of a separate contractual relationship between the User and Google Inc or ITUNES SARL.A. TELEFUN does not collect any data - particularly related to bank information and other information required to process your payments services. Paid services can be enabled or disabled by the user.